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betterhealth online gives you access to articles, recipes and interactive health programs to meet your health needs. betterhealth online can help you to become more physically active, eat better, manage stress and keep you informed with the latest health research. And best of all, it’s free with your Medibank Private membership.

Achieve Fitness Goals

achieve fitness goalsWhether it's been a while since you last exercised or you're getting ready to run a marathon, we can help.

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Meal & Workout Plans

diet and workout plansOur unique Meal and Activity Planners complement our interactive Wellness Record and wide range of behaviour change programs.

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Recipes & Health Tips

recipes and health tipsOur members have access to a vast library of recipes; exercise descriptions; and articles across a broad range of fitness, nutrition and health topics.

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Regular Prize Draws

regular prize drawsWebsite members can win fantastic prizes as part of our regular prize draws.

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