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Using our health and fitness calculators will help you get the facts on your lifestyle.

What Is Health Age?

How healthy are you? What impact does your lifestyle, medical and family health history have on your overall health and wellbeing? Our unique interactive Wellness Record has the answers.

Ever had someone praise you for your youthful appearance? If they could look beneath your skin would they still be congratulating you?

Our Health Age tool gives you the chance to go beyond skin deep and assess your health from a different perspective.

When you complete the personal health assessment, the Wellness Record, you’ll also receive your Health Age. As distinct from your actual age, your Health Age takes into account the diet and lifestyle issues that keep you young on the inside and those that can take a toll on your wellbeing.

A Health Age younger than your calendar age suggests the inner you has been well cared for. A Health Age greater than the number of years since your birth suggests it might be time to review your lifestyle.

While there’s not much you can do about your calendar age, the good news is that your Health Age is another matter. Lifestyle changes such as adding physical activity to your timetable and healthier eating can result in Health Age reductions.

Regularly update your Wellness Record and you can track your progress. You’ll see that making a long-term commitment to your wellbeing can take years off your Health Age – and add years to your life.