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Using our health and fitness calculators will help you get the facts on your lifestyle.

Meal & Workout Plans

Our unique Meal and Activity Planners complement our interactive Wellness Record and wide range of behaviour change programs.

              diet and workout plans

The Meal Planner tailors illustrated seven-day meal plans to your tastes and needs, depending on whether you wish to lose or gain weight or maintain the status quo. You can nominate dietary restrictions such as no pork or seafood and also swap meals for alternatives, as desired.

Meal Planner meals are based on recipes supplied by expert dietitians and nutritionists. We also provide tips on where alcohol fits into a healthy diet and exactly what to believe in relation to carbohydrates.

Importantly, as you increase your physical activity levels, your meal plans can be easily adjusted to increase your calorie intake accordingly!

The Activity Planner custom builds cardio, strength training and stretching workouts to suit your needs. Warm ups and cool downs are included and if you don't enjoy a particular exercise, you can swap for an equivalent activity. Exercises are illustrated and explained in jargon-free language to assist you to perform them safely and effectively.

The Strength Training workouts include a range of options, including general muscle toning, circuit training, and strength and power. All workouts take into account the equipment, time and training support available to you.

The range of cardio workouts provided includes running, cycling, walking, swimming and water running.

The Meal and Activity Planners can be used in conjunction with our Health Action Programs and are supported by interactive tools and calculators such as Target Heart Rate and the Energy Balancer.

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